Ghd Professional Original 1-Inch Styler Review

Ghd Professional Original 1-Inch Styler Review

Ghd plans to revolutionize the flat iron industry with this device that brings esthetics and performance to a new level. This versatile and easy to use flat iron delivers excellent heat that can tame even the most rebel locks, being perfect for any type and length of hair

With the advancement in technology, this takes one of the top positions thanks to this. . Andy- Beauty writer

The advanced ceramic plates create a smooth and static-free hair without causing any damage, helping you arrange your hair daily and for special occasions as well. At a price of $225, the Ghd Professional Original 1-inch styler will make your hair look great even on the worst hair day.

Ghd Professional Original 1-Inch flat iron

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    Who Is This Machine For?

  • Ideal for international travelers thanks to its universal voltage
  • Stylists as it straightens as well as curls hair


This flat iron with aluminum plates was designed to help you straighten your hair and create various styles of curls and waves. While other flat irons require operating at maximum heat intensity in order to deliver efficiency, the Ghd Professional Original 1-inch styler smoothly glides over your hair and straightens it while sealing the moisture inside the hair.

The ceramic plates allow the device to work at 365° F which is the right temperature for your hair that minimizes the split ends and the damaged hair while delivering healthier and longer lasting results. By keeping the hair moist, you will achieve a shiny and healthy aspect and the hair cuticle will not be damaged by the heat.

A great feature of the Ghd Professional Original 1-inch styler is that it has an automatic sleep mode which turns off the styler if you don’t use it for 30 minutes while the protective plate included allows you to pack it right after using it so that you will be able to take it with you anywhere and at any time.



You will have no problem handling this flat iron, as the sleek and small shape makes it very easy to hold and to use every day. The grip on it is firm and the plates glide very easy along the strain of hair without entangling or breaking it. It is designed to operate at a universal voltage so you will not have to worry about using it wherever you are in the world.

The automatic shut-off feature assures there will be no incidents in case you leave it plugged so you will be able to enjoy safe and comfortable styling performance every time you use the Ghd Professional Original 1-inch Styler. The travel-friendly protective plate guard increases the convenience of the flat iron as it allows you to grab and pack it as soon as you finished using it.



The Ghd Professional Original 1-inch Styler comes in a compact and small size that makes it perfect for everyday use without being cumbersome or heavy to maneuver. The sophisticated gold plates are a great esthetic aspect that increases the feeling that you will receive an excellent and reliable device.

You do not have to be a professional hairdresser to use it with maximum ease and to achieve perfect styling as the smooth plates glide effortlessly on your hair to straighten it. Besides, the rounded edges help you create romantic and perfect curls and waves for various hairdos that those you would get in salons.

The unique digital technology helps you adjust and control the temperature easier so that you will not damage your hair.



The housing of the Ghd Professional Original 1-inch Styler is designed to resist at high temperature, assuring a safe and proper operating of the flat iron.

You will receive a 2-years warranty on the device under proper handling and a guarantee authenticity that assures you of a well-designed device.



  • It is versatile allowing for both straightening and curling of your hair
  • Ideal for use with all hair types
  • It allows for a smooth glide for easy use
  • You can easily control the temperature
  • It is safe and saves on power with its automatic sleep mode


  • Do not use it with wet hair to prevent burns. As long as you use it as directed, it is one of the best affordable flat irons in the market.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

    Q. I have course hair and looking to buy a flat iron. Can you recommend this for my hair type? 

A. Yes you can use it, as it is ideal for all hair types.

    Q. Is it safe for use?

A. It features an automatic sleep mode to prevent overheating.

   Q. Can I curl as well as straighten my hair with this model?

A. This model allows for straightening as well as curling thanks to its rounded barrel feature.


    Final Verdict

It is a great flat iron for all hair types and you can use it in any part of the world making it diverse

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