RUSK Engineering Straight iron Review

RUSK Engineering CTC Technology Professional Straight Iron review

RUSK is a leading brand in the hair styling industry, their products being used by many women at home, while also being preferred by numerous professional hair salons. The RUSK CTC Professional 1 Inch Str8 Iron is designed not only for straightening the hair, but also for creating curls or cowlicks, and for eliminating frizz.

Great hair straightener with all kind technology. Andy- Beauty writer

It costly, but due to its popularity, it is often included in sales and it can be acquired even at half its price. This flat iron is recommended for all types of hair.

RUSK Engineering Straight iron Review

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    Who Is This Machine For?

  • Individuals of all hair types and textures (thick, light, etc.)
  • Ideal for those with incredibly thick hair


RUSK CTC Professional 1 Inch Str8 Iron features one-inch plates. The plates are ceramic, infused with titanium and they feature the Sol-Gel technology. Many women who have used it, reviewed the product as excellent due to its ability to leave the hair extra smooth and silky.

This happens due to the fact that the far infrared heat can penetrate the hair better than other heating technologies. This flat iron features temperature controls as well as a temperature memory function. It heats up very fast and the temperature can be adjusted between 300° and 450° Fahrenheit. Due to its ceramic infused plates, it heats up faster than plain ceramic plates and it also retains the heat better.

It takes about 40 seconds for the flat iron to reach its maximum temperature. The iron features a display and two controls: the temperature adjust controls and the memory button.



The RUSK CTC Professional 1 Inch Str8 Iron is very easy to use. For straightening the hair, start at the crown of the head. Separate the hair in one inch sections. Grab each section of hair between the plates. Place the iron as close to the scalp as possible without actually touching the scalp skin.

Slide the iron down, towards the tips of the hair. Repeat this procedure which each strand of hair until you achieve the desired results. We like the fact that this flat iron features a temperature memory. With the simple touch of a button, it will heat up to the temperature that you usually use when straightening your hair.

If there is one feature that would have made this product perfect, that would have been an automatic shut-off feature. Such a feature is very useful, especially since most women use the flat iron daily, for quick fixes.



This RUSK CTC Professional 1 Inch Str8 Iron features a Ryton housing. For those unfamiliar with this name, Ryton is a trademark that belongs to Chevron Phillips Chemical Co.. As such, you can rest assured, knowing that this flat iron is made of quality materials.

The iron weights 9.3 ounces and features rounded, floating plates. Despite the fact that it is a tad heavier than most flat irons, it is reasonably easy to maneuver. The buttons are located on the interior part of the handle whereas the display is found on the top of the flat iron, allowing you to easily read it while adjusting the temperature.

The flat iron features a 9 feet and 2 in. long cord. It also comes with a heat resistant silicon mat that will protect your furniture.



This product is rather new on the market, so despite the fact that most customers are very satisfied with it, we can’t yet guarantee its durability. Nevertheless, it feels very sturdy and you can see that it is made from quality components.

Moreover, it comes with a two year warranty, which is pretty great, considering the fact that most flat irons are only covered for only one year of use.



  • It is versatile allowing you to use it with different hair types
  • It is light in weight
  • It is easy to use with a flexible glide
  • It does no burn even after using it after a long time


  • It can be costly but it is worth every penny thanks to its outstanding features.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

    Q. Will it dry out my hair after use?

A. No. it leaves it straight and silky.

    Q. I have thick wavy hair, will it straighten it?

A. Yes it will.

    Q. Will it defrizz my hair?

A. Yes it will.

    Final Verdict

With the ability to straighten different hair types, it is ideal for home as well as professional use to help work on the needs of different individuals.


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